Fretboard Trainer

This is a simple fretboard training application, meant to help you exercise sight-reading on the guitar. Just click the fret corresponding to the displayed note on the fretboard below. If you get it right, the fret will flash green and a you'll be challenged with a new note. If you get it wrong, it will flash red and you can try again.

If you can't find the answer, click , to see what it was and continue to the next note.

Use the options below to focus the drill on particular notes, or parts of the fretboard. When randomly picked positions are selected, each picked position will be restricted to the upper or lower three strings. This allows using the keys q - r, a - f and z - v as shortcuts for each of the four frets on each string, suitably reversed, so that they closely match the arrangement on the neck of the guitar. Apart from making it easier to pick the answer, this should hopefully also promote the development of muscle memory.

Note that there may be certain combinations of choices which leave no available notes to pick, in which case some or all of those choices will be silently ignored.

If you want to undo your changes, you can .